PTAB Roundup

SCOTUS and PTAB: As we are sure you know, the Supreme Court issued SAS Institute and Oil States. The PTAB survived, but its procedures are changing. The Office has issued Guidance on the Impact of SAS Institute on AIA Trial Proceedings, and the PTAB is holding a free “Chat with the Chief” webinar on Monday, April 30 from noon to 1 pm ET to discuss the Supreme Court’s decisions and its impact on the PTAB.

*Contributors: Jonathan Strang (EIC), Kevin McNish (Ed.), Kenneth Weatherwax (Ed.), Lori Gordon (Ed.), Timothy Caine, Jason Heidemann, Arvind Jairam, Wing Liang, Sandip Patel, Rebecca Rabenstein, David Roadcap, Stevan Stark, Todd Siegel, and Amy Simpson. These case summaries are factual in nature and do not reflect the opinions of the contributors, their law firms, or the PTAB Bar Association. Individual contributors do not draft or otherwise have any substantive input into summaries of any case in which the contributor (or his or her firm) was involved.