Diversity Committee

The mission of the PTAB Bar Association Diversity Committee is to lead the Association’s efforts to encourage diversity of thought and perspective through recruitment and retention of diverse lawyers and law students, including diversity based on religion, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, and age for active involvement in the overall mission and leadership of the Association.

Contact us: diversity.committee@ptabbar.org

Below are the current committee chairs:

Chi Cheung Gabrielle Higgins Shruti Costales
Committee Chair Committee Vice-Chair Committee Vice-Chair
Chi_Cheung_MIT higgins-gabrielle-e

Below is a list of subcommittees:

Webinar & Panel Subcommittee

Thara Russell
Committee Co-Chair Committee Co-Chair

Stakeholder Outreach Subcommittee

Lisa Nguyen Eric Wang
Committee Co-Chair Committee Co-Chair

Partner Organizations Subcommittee

Andrew Sutton Andrew Choung
Committee Co-Chair Committee Co-Chair

Other members of this committee include: