PTAB Industry Memberships: New Membership Offerings And Opportunities 

PTAB Industry Memberships: New Membership Offerings And Opportunities 

In its second year of serving industry and the legal community, the PTAB Bar Association is proud to present a new membership structure and improved benefits to industry organizations who join and participate as full members of the PTAB Bar Association.  The Association welcomes industry organizations who are interested in helping shape standards for protecting innovation, to improve patent quality, and to reduce costs of patent protection and review.

The Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and numerous innovative proceedings for reviewing patents were created by Congress in 2011 to improve the United States patent system and help it better serve American business and inventors.  The new administrative proceedings before the PTAB have been widely reported as cutting the typical cost of resolving patent legal disputes nearly in half since their creation.  The PTAB Bar Association was formed to bring together legal and industry members to help the continued improvement of these important new aspects of the patent system through advocacy and involvement and help provide business opportunities and connections relating to the patent system.

Full members of the Association enjoy a wide variety of benefits, including exclusive access to educational resources, speaking and leadership opportunities, invitations to members-only events and webinars, and opportunities to work with and meet Patent Office officials, jurists (including APJs), and leading patent professionals.  In addition, our members are integral in the development of our advocacy efforts.  Through various committees, our members have a seat at the table to collaborate on policy development and public outreach.

The Association’s Industry Committee is crucial for fostering open dialogue between the business community affected by patent quality, acquisition and enforcement, the legal community, and the regulators and adjudicators in the PTAB and USPTO.  To help increase full participation by industry organizations in the Association, a new membership package is being offered to widen the options available to industry members.  Highlights of the new package include the following:

-A discount in fees for Industry Committee members. To encourage member organizations to promote multiple individual delegates to join from a single organization, member organizations will pay only $50 per person annually, discounted from the standard $150.

-Transferable delegates. Member organizations are permitted to identify members for whom dues have been paid as representative delegates to the Association.  Members will now be able to transfer this delegate designation, along with the paid annual membership associated with that delegate, to another internal employee each year, to the extent that the organization wishes to transition delegate responsibilities from one person to another.

-Combined prepayments. Members who wish to participate in the annual PTAB Bar Association Conference will be permitted to pay their conference fees and annual membership fee at the same time, even if payment is made after the conference has been held that year.  Any such payments much be received by no later than January 1 of that year.

Your dues will support the PTAB Bar Association’s charter to preserve and promote the highest professional and ethical standards among lawyers and stakeholders who appear before the PTAB. The Association fulfills its vision through education, outreach, collaboration, and advocacy.

We hope that this new fee structure will encourage even wider participation by leading members of industry in the Industry Committee leadership and in the activities of the Association.  The Association looks forward to helping facilitate beneficial improvements and communications between industry and the legal community.

Registration and membership services are available at this link.

About the PTAB Bar Association: The PTAB Bar Association helps establish best practices and cooperation among various stakeholders from law firms, industry, and the PTAB itself. It was formed in 2016 by leading legal advocates, with the mission of promoting the highest professional and ethical standards among all stakeholders who appear before the PTAB. To join, or for more details on PTAB Bar Association events and functions, please visit