PTAB Bar Association Submits Amicus Brief in Pending Supreme Court Click-to-Call Case


PTAB Bar Association Submits Amicus Brief in Pending Supreme Court Click-to-Call Case


Last week, the PTAB Bar Association submitted an amicus brief in support of neither party in Thryv, Inc., fka Dex Media, Inc. v. Click-to-Call Technologies, LP, et al., No. 18-916. The brief provides the Court with important context about Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB or Board) practice and the inter partes review process.

The PTAB Bar Association has no interest in any party to this litigation and does not take a position on the merits of this case. The association pointed out that although PTAB Bar Association members may not be in full agreement on the merits of this case, PTAB Bar Association members have a strong interest in the decision in this case. Collectively, PTAB stakeholders have thousands of patents and have litigated roughly 10,000 inter partes review (IPR) petitions. And many PTAB Bar Association members represent innovative companies at the forefront of technological advancement and are therefore heavily invested in an inter partes review process that is just, speedy, and inexpensive. Therefore, the Court’s decisions about the Board and the inter partes review process in general—including about whether a Board time-bar decision is reviewable under the circumstances presented here—may have a profound impact on the members of the PTAB Bar Association.

As background, the PTAB Bar Association is a voluntary bar association dedicated to the free flow of ideas regarding the evolving trial practice before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. The PTAB Bar Association’s members are a wide and diverse group of individuals, joining from many different private and public companies, government agencies, and institutions involved directly and indirectly in the practice of patent and intellectual property law. The members include a broad spectrum of owners, users, and challengers of intellectual property rights.


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