2018 - Volume 17 Issue 3

PTAB Bar Association Law Journal
A collaboration with the Chicago-Kent Journal Of Intellectual Property


Volume 17, Issue 3 (2018) PTAB Bar Association

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Uncertainty About Real Parties in Interest and Privity in AIA Trials
Evan Day, Kevin Patariu, and Bing Ai

Precedential Decisions at the PTAB: An Endangered Species?
Robert M. Yeh PH.D

Without Clear Rules, PTAB Practices May Run Afoul of the APA
Arpita Bhattacharyya and Rachel L. Emsley

PTAB Precedential Decision: Putting the Hammer Down on Filing Serial Petitions?
Ashley N. Klein and Warren J. Thomas

Are There Really Two Sides of the Claim Construction Coin? The Application of the Broadest Reasonable Interpretation at the PTAB
Paula Miller, Marianne Terrot, Stacy Lewis, and Tom Irving

To Stay or Not to Stay Pending IPR? That Should be a Simpler Question
Joel Sayres and Julie Wahlstrand

Savvy Shaw-Ping: A Strategic Approach to AIA Estoppel
Steven J. Schwarz, Tamatane J. Aga, Kristin M. Adams, and Katherine C. Dearing

Master of the Petition: Exploring the Tension Between the PTAB and Petitioners in Controlling the Scope of AIA Trials
Raja N. Saliba and Grant Shackelford