2021 Summit Agenda

Tentative Schedule

2pm - Opening remarks (5 minutes): Steve Baughman
2:10pm - Panel Session 1 – PTAB Judge’s Panel (45 minutes)
This session will provide a look back at the most important decisions from the PTAB in 2020, including those designated as precedential and informative.  The judges will provide their insights into how they view the decisions and their impact on proceedings.  The judges will also comment on things they have seen from practitioners over the past year that they liked (or didn’t like).
3pm - Panel Session 2 – An Industry and Practitioner Look Forward (45 minutes)
This session will provide a look forward into things that may change in the years to come.  The panel will provide an industry and practitioner perspective into problems they see today, and potential solutions for the future.
3:50pm - Round Table Discussion (60 minutes)
The conference will be broken up into several virtual round tables to promote discussion among the attendees and the PTAB judges, where a different topic will be discussed every 20 minutes.

5:00pm – PTO Keynote (Invited) (30 minutes)- PTAB Chief Judge Scott Boalick