2019 Conference Presentations


2019 PTAB Bar Association Annual Conference Session Presentations

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Pre-Conference Session: Half-Day “PTAB Master Class”
Pre-Conference Session: Half-Day “PTAB Bootcamp”
Pre-Conference Session: Managing EPO Opposition Proceedings Alongside USPTO AIA Trial Proceedings

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Opening Keynote
General Session 1 – Claim Construction Final Rule: A New Complexity at the PTAB?
General Session 1 Supplemental Materials
General Session 2 – Insights from the PTAB Bench
General Session 3 – Navigating the Interplay of Parallel Litigation with a PTAB Proceeding
Concurrent Session 1A – Post-grant and Life Sciences
Concurrent Session 1B – Party Crashers – the role of latent 101 and 112 issues arising in post-grant matters
Concurrent Session 2A – Motions to Amend at the PTAB
Concurrent Session 2B – Current Best Practices in Ex Parte Appeals
General Session 4 – Estoppel and the Aftershocks of SAS Institute
General Session 5 – Hot Topics and Oral Argument Practicum

Friday, March 15, 2019

General Session 6 – View from the Federal Circuit
General Session 7 – Advanced Issues Related to Real Party-in-Interest and Privity Disputes
General Session 8 – Ethics Before the PTAB