2021 Conference Presentations


2021 PTAB Bar Association Annual Conference Session Presentations

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Pre-Conference Session: “PTAB Master Class”
Pre-Conference Session:  “PTAB Bootcamp”

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Opening Keynote
General Session 1 – Patent Office Policy Post-Iancu: Where Does the Office Go From Here?
General Session 2 – PTAB Judges Panel-An Inside Perspective
General Session 3 – Evolving Strategies in View of Discretionary Denial
Concurrent Session A –Decisions on Appeal and Future Patent Challenges
Concurrent Session B – Appeals From the PTAB
General Session 4 – LEAP Program Discussion and Oral Argument

Friday,September 24, 2021

General Session 6 –Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Panel 
General Session 7--View From the Federal Circuit
General Session 8 – Ethics Before the PTAB