Committee on Appeals from the PTAB

This committee is focused on appellate review of PTAB decisions by the Federal Circuit and Supreme Court, from IPR/CBM/PGR trials, ex parte appeals, reexaminations, derivations, and interferences. The committee reviews appellate opinions and statistics for cases originating from the PTAB and seeks to foster initiatives valuable to its membership relating to appellate advocacy. The committee aims to provide its members with opportunities to meet and share insights with others members who are interested in appellate advocacy. The specific initiatives seek to engage members and create collaboration, publication, and speaking opportunities. The committee also proposes initiatives to the Board of Directors and comments on amicus briefs.

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Year in Review Publication

The committee prepares the PTAB Bar Association's Appellate Year in Review. This annual publication summarizes the most important appellate decisions of the year and puts them into the context of PTAB practice. The Appellate Year in Review publication is available to Members Only.  To access them, please click here.

Sincere thanks to all of our contributors and editors, who have each devoted significant time to the publication. Particular thanks to those who have authored articles across multiple years. Thank you for your efforts and for your thoughtful and well-written submissions.

Best Practice Guides

The committee seeks to draw upon the experience of its members to produce best practice guides. The process is overseen by an experienced appellate advocate in coordination with more junior members. The goal is to provide useful guidance and foster information exchange.


The committee produces webinars on appellate topics. The committee has previously produced webinars to discuss topics from the Appellate Year in Review as well as on particular subjects, such as “Appeals to the Federal Circuit from Biotech IPRs.” If you have a topic that you are interested in hearing about or presenting on, please contact one of our chairs.

Click here to access the PowerPoint from the December 12, 2023 Webinar, Appeals to the Federal Circuit-2023 Recent Updates.

Click here to access the June 7, 2022 Webinar, Appeals to the Federal Circuit:  Mid-Year Review.  The PowerPoint from the Webinar can be found here

Click here to access the September 9, 2021 Webinar, Current Issues and Best Practices for Appeals from the PTAB to the Federal Court. The PowerPoint from the Webinar can be found here